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A debit card is linked to your checking account and combines the benefits of an ATM card and a personal check, allowing you to withdraw cash from an ATM and purchase items on the go.

Plus, a debit card offers added convenience, cost savings, and security to fit your active lifestyle.


  • ATM cash withdrawals up to $1,000 per day1
  • Unlimited surcharge-free transactions at Spectrum Credit Union-owned ATMs, and up to eight surcharge-free transactions per month at 85,000+ networks ATMs2
  • Free and unlimited point-of-sale (POS) transactions3


  • Convenience: No more having to stop for cash or take the time to write a check. Use your debit card like an ATM card, or use it for point-of-sale transactions like a personal check or credit card.
  • Cost savings: Your debit card is connected to your free Spectrum Credit Union member checking account, so you don’t have to worry about the annual fees of a credit card or purchasing checks. And when you set up free overdraft protection on your member checking account, you are better protected from spending beyond what you have.
  • Security: In addition to a secure PIN, Spectrum Credit Union uses the latest chip technology to ensure your transactions are safe and secure. You can easily report your debit card as lost or stolen or deactivate instantly through Online and Mobile Banking.

Get your debit card today

You can request to replace your ATM card with a debit card at any time. Stop by your local Spectrum Credit Union branch, or give us a call at 800-782-8782.

1 Up to eight withdrawals per card per month are allowed at network machines not owned by Spectrum Credit Union. If you exceed that amount during a month, we will charge a nominal fee of $1 for each additional withdrawal at non-Spectrum Credit Union ATMs that month. 
2 We belong to the CO-OP ATM, Alliance One, Allpoint, and MoneyPass ATM networks. You can also find network ATMs using our ATM & Branch Finder.
3 Subject to funds availability. The money used to pay for the transaction is deducted from your account once the merchant submits a bill of payment, and we may place an authorization hold on the funds until the transaction has been posted.

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