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Personal loan

Life isn’t always predictable. Whether you’re stuck with an unexpected medical or tax bill or you need to take an unanticipated trip, a personal loan can help cover the costs.

A personal loan lets you borrow a lump sum of money and pay it back over a set time period.

Spectrum Credit Union offers personal loans at low fixed rates. We work with you to find the best loan for your situation — so while life may be unpredictable, your loan payments won’t be. 

Personal loans can help you:

  • Pay off unexpected medical or tax bills to avoid additional fees or penalties
  • Finance a major purchase
  • Consolidate credit card or multiple debts into one convenient loan with a set term


  • Save money by bringing high-interest debt into a lower rate with set terms
  • Borrow up to $25,0003
  • Flexible terms from 12 to 60 months3

See for yourself

If you are currently paying off a balance on your credit card it could take you a lot longer than with a personal loan. Check out the Credit Card calculator to see when you balance might be paid off.

Credit Card Payment Calculator

Now that you know how long it might take to pay off those credit cards and how much additional interest you will pay, see what could happen if you convert that debt to a personal loan.  

In addition to the money saved in interest, you gain peace of mind knowing what to expect each month and when your loan will be paid off.

Personal Loan Payment Calculator

Rates shown are "as low as." Rates are subject to change without notice. APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

Member must complete and submit a full loan application. New accounts subject to application, credit qualification, and income verification. The minimum loan amount is $2,000. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and maximum loan amount will be based on approved credit. Minimum gross monthly income of $1,000 required. Other restrictions may apply.

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